Stearns & Foster® Reserve Collection, Hepburn Luxury Firm
Stearns & Foster® Reserve Collection, Hepburn Luxury Firm

Stearns & Foster® Reserve Collection, Hepburn Luxury Firm

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Climbing into bed at night your mattress should melt the day's aches and pains away. Stearns and Foster has been building luxurious sleep systems since 1846. The Reserve Collection is the pinnacle of premium within the Stearns & Foster mattress collections.  It transfuses all of today's technologies into one, ultra-comfortable mattress.  The Hepburn Luxury Firm offers a cushioned surface with a deep down supportive feel.  You will be greeted by the soft, sumptuous Tencel® cover adorned by the fleur-de-lis. Instantly feeling the most pressure relieving memory foam made, Indulge™. Underneath this layer rests the Intellicoil™ MICRO + AirVent, which resists body impressions and provides another dimension of support. The support core can be found within the Intellicoil™ HD. This durable, support structure is the pinnacle of all Lux Estate mattresses. Encompassing this ecosystem of quality materials, innovation and craftsmanship is the PrecisionEdge™ System. It allows for an edge to edge sleeping surface, without feeling like you are falling out of bed. Waking up after a blissful night, you will be ready to conquer the day that lies before you. 

  • Premium, high loft TENCEL® cover
  • 1" Premium Extra soft Gel Foam 
  • IntelliCoil™ MICRO + AirVent
  • 0.79"  Indulge™ Memory Foam (3.75 lb/ft³)
  • 0.79" Indulge™ Memory Foam (3.75 lb/ft³)
  • 2" Premium Gel Foam (1.45 lb/ft³)
  • IntelliCoil™ HD - Ventilated
  • PrecisionEdge™ + AirVent
  • Eight (8) AirVents
  • Eight (8) Embroidered Velvet Handles
  • 1" Extra Firm Foam Base + .5" Firm Foam
  • 15" Profile
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • 90 Day Comfort Trial
  • 120 Day Pricing Promise