Stearns & Foster® Estate Collection, Rockwell Luxury Firm Pillowtop
Stearns & Foster® Estate Collection, Rockwell Luxury Firm Pillowtop

Stearns & Foster® Estate Collection, Rockwell Luxury Firm Pillowtop

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Stearns and Foster mattresses are built to last.  The Estate Collection uses premium components, best-practice construction methods for a less than premium price.  The Luxury Firm Pillowtop rating puts this as a medium-firm mattress.  The pillowtop adds additional comfort layers while still maintaining a more firm feel.  The Tencel® cover drapes the top panel of the mattress and is an eco-friendly, wood-pulp fiber providing a soft touch.  The giant fleur-de-lis can be spotted from afar and is a timeless symbol of luxury.  You will instantly feel the exclusive Indulge™ memory foam conform to your body and provide real comfort and pressure relief.  Your body will be supported by the sturdy Intellicoil™ innerspring.  This coil unit boats 1,504 total coils in queen size and features a coil-in-coil design.  The outer coil adapts and adjusts to your body's structure.  Once engaged, particularly the heavier parts of your body, the inner coil provides a level of deep down support.   This durable, support structure is found in all Stearns & Foster mattresses.  Surrounding this mattress and providing a sturdy edge, is the PrecisionEdge™ System. It allows for a true edge to edge sleeping surface, without feeling like you are falling out of bed.  This is one of our best sellers in the Stearns & Foster line, buy today and sleep tonight!    

  • Premium, high loft TENCEL® cover
  • 1" Premium Ultra Soft Gel Foam (1.35 lb/ft³)
  • 0.5 ounce Polyester Fiber
  • 1" Premium Ultra Soft Gel Foam (1.35 lb/ft³)
  • 0.375" Premium Ultra Soft Gel Foam (center 1/3 of mattress)
  • 1.575" Indulge™ Memory Foam (3.75 lb/ft³)
  • 1" Premium Gel Foam (1.45 lb/ft³)
  • Inner Panel
  • 1" Premium Extra Firm Gel Foam (1.7 lb/ft³)
  • IntelliCoil™  - Ventilated
  • PrecisionEdge™ + AirVent
  • Four (4) AirVents
  • Eight (8) Woven Inlay Handles
  • 1" Extra Firm Foam Base
  • 15" Profile
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • 90 Day Comfort Trial
  • 120 Day Pricing Promise